Ohashi Media is the development and consulting company owned by Kevin Ohashi. I am based in the Washington, DC area.

About the Owner - Kevin Ohashi

I have been developing websites since 1996 using basic HTML and have learned more advanced techniques over the years as the web landscape has changed. I have expertise in working with popular content management systems including WordPress and Drupal. I write custom software in PHP and MySql. I am knowledgeable about frontend development including HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I also enjoy working with large data problems including data mining, data analytics, and data visualization. I currently hold a BA in Economics with a minor in Computer Science from The University of Vermont, a MSc in Entrepreneurship and a MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management both from Lund University, Sweden.

I currently spend most of my time on Review Signal, my startup, which creates a consumer review site from opinions people share on social media for the web hosting industry.

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