My Work

Review Signal

Review Signal is a consumer review site that data mines social media and uses natural language processing to automatically analyze and review companies.

Custom CMS. PHP, MySql, jQuery, NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Spam Filtering, Twitter API

District Chatter

District Chatter tracked tweets in the Washington DC area and allowed users to explore where people were talking about topics.

Custom CMS. PHP, MySql, Twitter API, LeafletJS

Gift Lizard

Gift Lizard is a gift recommendation engine. It allows users to describe the person they want to buy a gift for and get gift suggestions.

Custom CMS. Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, MySql, Amazon API.

Secure file sharing client that performed encryption and decryption in the browser allowing the host to never see a key or be able to decrypt the files.

Hackathon Project. NodeJS, Amazon AWS, CryptoJS


Domainling is a domain name recommendation engine. It helps users find available domain names.

PHP, MySql, Bootstrap, jQuery, data mining

Buzz Scanner

Simple brand monitoring system that tracks mentions and performs sentiment analysis on the mentions.

PHP, MySql, Sentiment Analysis

Gentlemen's Bet

Gentlemen's Bet is a facebook app that allows users to make bets with their friends and track the results.

Facebook App. PHP, MySql, Bootstrap.

Tweeter or Reader

Twitter follower analysis tool to designed to help users figure out when their audience was listening.

Hackathon project. Twitter API, PHP, MySql.

Ad Proof

Ad Proof helped users find and install software to help block unwanted ads.

Niche Lead Generator

NLG tracks what people are saying and helps monitor, evaluate and engage potential leads.

Custom CMS. PHP, MySql, Twitter API, Bootstrap


Customer Testimonials Widget

Hackathon Project. Ruby, Bootstrap.

The Daily Banter

Politics and News Website

WordPress. PHP, MySql, Bootstrap.